Walking down the streets of MG Road to College Street .

29 Apr

One of my favourite places to visit in Kolkata is College Street . A 15 minutes walk from Sealdah Station to College street is what I prefer , you can also take a bus . When I walk along the side walks , shops on one or both sides of the side walks are interesting to watch . From stationary to making labels on marble , they’ve got all covered .  On one side of the sidewalk a person is making tiles while on the other  side regular articles and electronic gadgets are being sold .

From the station to the bus stop, you can see shops on both sides of the side walk. After the bus stop shops align to your left . Its kind of strange when you see at least five to seven card shops (mainly wedding cards ) within 1 minutes of walking  .  I’m not only mesmerized by the arrears of different kind of shops , but I’m also fascinated by the old architecture of buildings .



When I catch a glimpse of a tram(a public transport  ) along with a building having an old architecture  , I’m always reminded of a scene from “Apur Sangsar”, in the scene Apu is thinking about his wife’s letter while riding on a tram . Its a classic Bengali movie directed by Satyagit Ray (one of the best directors who has ever lived ). Im always in awe when I get a glimpse of Aurobindo Ghosh’s house ,having  the same old aura .  The overall old Kolkata’s architecture is beautiful and is a boon for the eyes .


Apu in a tram in Kolkata

Apu in a tram in Kolkata


After 15 to 20 minutes of walk from the Sealdah station I finally reach my destination , College Street . Book stalls everywhere! , and the smell of pages scenting the atmosphere . Generally I visit college street to buy books , but visually the place is  beautiful . Colleges along with hundreds of book stalls, stretching  over 1.5 km .

“Gola” during summer days are a must in college street , gola is a flavoured shaved ice served with a syrup . When the college and school students get break from their tiring classes , at 3 to 4 pm they visit gola shops to get a brain freeze (it’s a nice kind of brain freeze ). I get a gola (mainly mango and “kala khatta” favoured) because of a long walk and warm weather .  Talking of food stuff , kolkata’s “Coffee House ” has attracts many tourists . It has the same old architecture and theres a song based on it, which is penned by Manna Dey(which is the main cause of its popularity ). It is located opposite to Presidency College in College street .The song on Coffee house is based on the lost  “addas” (gossips) of friend around the coffee house table , forgotten  golden evenings  .

book stalls

book stalls

This place is a feast for my eyes and whenever I visit it, I can never get enough of it . The streets, colleges, book stalls, trams and architecture are present in this beautiful side of Kolkata, where you can find a perfect blend of  old and new .  The old ways of transport , for example the “man pulled carts ” , trams are still present . The glory of Old Kolkata is still present .


Thanks for reading my blog , Have a nice day .


Module not found in PyCharm/Python[Error]:

22 Oct

PyCharm /Python errors are explained in this blog. This is a joint blog which me and my sister manage. Hope you enjoy it:). Going back to Python, Cheers!!. As this error was faced by many PyCharm users we decided to solve it.


Module not found in PyCharm/Python[Error]:

Have you been getting the error “module not found ” or that kind of stuff when you run your code in pycharm. The error says that the module that you imported at the top of your code if not available.

Simple steps to solve that problem:

  1. Go to File> Settings> Project :your_project_name > Project Interpreter
  2. Now click the “Green plus sign” in the upper right corner.
  3. Type the name of the module you wanna download
  4. Click button “install package”. Then chillax J wait for the package to install(may take 30-60 seconds or so).

Step 1 Step 1

Search for package and install it. Then chillax until it gets installed Search for package and install it. Then chillax until it gets installed

Your problem is solved. Thanks for reading the blog. If you have any other problem write it I the comment section. Have a nice day :).

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My worst experience with Android Studio/Udemy!!😢

14 Oct

My worst experience with Android Studio/Udemy!! :

I kind of diverged from what I usually write , but I like programming and I wanted to share my experience with android studio. I hope you enjoy my blog.

After developing a small GUI game in netbeans (Which I’m still proud of) me and my sister gained some knowledge about event handling. Then I kind of experimented with JavaFx. For stylesheets JavaFX needed xml stylesheet coding, so I left it and took JavaFX as a good experience and wanted to try something new.

One day I watched a video about developing apps in a platform called “Android studio”. I took a $10 course from Udemy. Reasons why I took the course:

  1. Requirements needed for android studio(which was listed in udemy website) was pretty basic. It needed 2GB RAM and my laptop has 4GB RAM. And I thought “Awesome, lets do this”.
  2. The reviews were awesome, no complain against the requirements or the material.
  3. As I had experience with java , python and gui applications , I thought that it would be great to try something new!!.
  4. The youtube tutorials which Bucky Roberts had were pretty old and didn’t matched with the new Android Studio update. By the way, Bucky is awesome, check him out https://www.youtube.com/user/thenewboston .


Every time I launched a program in the emulator (virtual device), my system would crash. Then I started doubting myself as a programmer and cried a lot (it was bad). Whenever I asked the questions to Rob (Udemy instructor. By the way he is awesome), he would say that to clear my ram and not to open my server.

No matter how much I cleared the RAM my computer would always crash whenever I launched a small app(Just having a text with watermark). Then I came to it actually needed 8GB RAM in Windows and 4GB in Linux.

I literally spent $10(Rs.600 in India) on a course for which I had to spent $1000 (Rs.50,000- Rs.60000 in India) on a minimum 7th generation processor laptop(Now that’s super Awesome😭😭😭!!). By the way, Udemy material and service it great but the reviews were blinding. From now I’m gonna make sure of everything before I get super excited. My mistake costed me $10.

During my coding life (Which is one and a half years), I have faced a lot ups and downs in terms of coding. If you have one like mine , share it with me!!. Have a nice day. 🙂


15 things I have learned over 15 years of my life 👶 => 👧

6 Oct

15 things I have learned  over 15 years of my life:

1.Family is the biggest priority of my life, and its always my family who support me in any condition.

2.Remember and recover but never forgive and forget is someone is really bad to me.

3.Don’t be too nice to people you don’t know very well. There are many fake friends who are there to back stab you.

4.Work today to have a better tomorrow.

5.Choose friends wisely not blindly.

6.Old friends are the memories you can never forget. So keep in contact with them.

7.True situations reveals a persons identity.

8.Stay away from social media. It’s not like I don’t support social media, but for such a tender age like me, social media is not good.

9.Never change yourself for anyone. Be you.

10.Face every situation calmly and give your best .

11.Sometimes I might be depressed, but I should not think that I’m the only unlucky one in this world. There are many people who are facing and struggling their difficulties.

12.Taking part in welfare organizations and helping needy is the best feeling you can ever get.

13.Spread happiness and help people during their dark times.

14.No matter what anyone says I’m not gonna stop my chocolate addiction.

15.Coding is another way to express your creativity.

Another one is I love you guys. Have a nice day everyone. Thanks for reading my blog. 😘




Durga Puja 2017✨✨

1 Oct


This durga puja I enjoyed a lot with my family and friends. Although i’m a little bit health conscious, but during this puja i ate a lot of junk food. In bengalis we say “Baro mase tero parbon”, which means 13 festivities in 12 months✨(Yeah,we Indians are little extra in our festivities). Durga puja is a festival of enjoyment and attaining blessing from goddess Durga. But nowadays people are busy taking selfies and posting them in their social media accounts.

Durga puja is a festival which continus for 10 long days, but we bengalis mainly enjoy the last 4 to 5 days of the festival.

Reason for Durga Puja:

Goddess durga comes from heaven to earth to visit her father’s home on earth and we Indians cellebrate the arrival of “Ma Durga ”  on earth.

Here are some pictures of the “Durga Puja Pandals ” I visisted:






puja 2

“Namaste ” or  “Nomoskar” and i wish everyone a happy and prosperous Durga Dashami. Have a wonderful day.

Everyday Things You Are Doing Wrong!!😂

3 Sep

Everyday Things you are doing wrong 😂


We daily do our daily chores for getting our work done or for our pleasure. But we do some common things wrong. Here’s how to do them in the right way:


If you are taking shampoo in your hand and then using it on your hair, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

If your head is being washed by someone else, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

RIGHT WAY: Instead fill your tub with water , then empty the entire bottle of shampoo in it. Then place your hair into the water for 2 hours, and your hair is clean.



If you are charging your phone with your charging cable, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

If you are charging your phone with power bank, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

RIGHT WAY: Instead buy a new phone when your phone battery gets discharged. That way you don’t have to think about charging your phone. You can also steal others phone lol.


If you are reading newspaper by holding it in your hands, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

If you are reading your newspaper articles in phone ,you are doing it WRONG🚫.

RIGHT WAY: Instead stick your newspaper with tape in front of your head so that you don’t miss out on any news.



If you are controlling your eating habits by replacing it with a healthy diet, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

If you burn your carbs by exercising, cause you ate too much chocolate or carb rich food, you are doing it WRONG🚫.

RIGHT WAY: Don’t think about your carb consumption and eat to your hearts content. Food is soul and we should not refrain from eating anything(except fish, I hate fish).

If you enjoyed my blog please follow my instructions (please don’t), and your life style will become more easily(not at all, haha).Have an awesome day.😊

Special credit goes to Merrel twins.





Oreo, I’m missing you

28 May

20th April 2017, my mother suddenly heard a noise from our garden. I was  getting ready for my school. Mom called me and  asked to lift a baby dog. She was  starving , one of her leg was injured. We searched for her mother but we could not  find any dog. She was helpless. Someone left her in our house.

I hope I could reverse time to get you back:(

I hope I could reverse time to get you back:(

We kept a space in our house specially for her to  sleep and play around. Within few days she became a very close member of our family. Because of her black and white colour we named her Oreo( By the way that’s my favorite cookie and i loved the name). Me and my sister played with her everyday and my sister called her glamours. She moved her tail whenever she wanted to play ,or give a “high five” kind of hand to indicate that she wanted some love .

Oreo was very scared of water. The hardest part  was making her bath. She would scream at the top  of her lungs while bathing. Her favorite medicine was strawberry flavored vitamin . We really had to make an effort to make her drink the digestion medicine with a syringe(without the needle)  when she was suffering from digestion problem.

Nevertheless Oreo was the apple of our eyes. Today 28th May she left because a dog attacked her. She was not that strong and was hurt at the neck, she could not bark well, the only time she barked was during bathing , so we couldn’t help her. Me and my family members mourned over the loss of one of our precious and loved family members.

I wanted to share my grief to lighten my heart. Thanks for reading.